Gloves & Muffs | Men

Possum Merino Gloves

From New Zealand comes the unique blend of merino wool with possum fur, which is used for these warming gloves. The colour of the melange yarns has a special depth and brilliance. The insulation properties of the knitted fur, which is...

Herren Handschuhe PAULO, Peccaryleder mit Rehnappa gefüttert

The PAULO men's gloves are made of 2000 stitches and undergo more than 100 production steps. These classic gloves are made of rare peccary leather. Peccary leather is considered the most exclusive and luxurious leather for gloves. It is...

Herren Autofahrer Handschuhe MONZA, Peccaryleder

The MONZA men's driving gloves are handmade from exquisite two-tone peccary leather. Peccary leather is considered the most exclusive and luxurious leather for gloves. It is made from South American free-range wild boars. The leather is...

Herren Schießhandschuhe MERAN, Ziegenvelours, ungefüttert

The lightweight, unlined MERAN men’s gloves are made from supple Italian goat suede and fit the hands perfectly. The left and right gloves have a piped opening for the index finger, thus ensuring optimum contact for left and right-handed...

Filson Original Deer Gloves, Brown

These soft work gloves are made with fine grain Grade A deerskin sourced from the USA, and provide medium-weight protection from abrasion and sharp edges. The winged thumb design gives full flexibility so they protect without restricting...

Laksen »Salzburg« Men's Gloves, Green/Brown

Warm, waterproof and above all robust shooting gloves by Laksen. Goatskin palms make these shooting gloves very elastic and not too stiff. You can cut open the two index fingers at the pre-marked seam to quickly have your shooting finger...

Laksen Shooting Gloves »Paris«

Exclusive, single-layered, soft men’s shooting glove for maximum grip. Waterproof Made from nubuck leather Elastic cuff with Velcro fastening for an optimal fit

Heinz Bauer Hunting Gloves

An important accessory for hunting on cold days: robust hunting gloves made of strong but supple nappa-tanned buckskin. Heinz Bauer Manufakt has concealed a little luxury: the lining is made of real cashmere. Our experience has shown...

Heinz Bauer Muff and Seat Cushion

Nothing is more pleasant than a soft hand warmer when hunting in winter or on a raised hide. The neck cord consists of a length-adjustable leather belt. Well-groomed fur on the inside and water-repellent horse leather on the outside, the...