Laksen »Johnston« Men's V-Neck Sweater, Green

Laksen »Johnston« Men's V-Neck Sweater, Green, Size XXL
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Article No. 821575
Brand Laksen
Classic V-neck jumper by Laksen made from 100 % Italian lambswool. It is not prone to bobbling...
Classic V-neck jumper by Laksen made from 100 % Italian lambswool. It is not prone to bobbling and insensitive to abrasion. It is wonderful to wear alone or with a shirt underneath. The ribbed cuffs are snug and elastic, and do not lose their shape.
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    In 1977, Laksen Sporting began producing quality clothing for hunting and fly fishing, and not least, handmade fly fishing rods, on a small scale in house. Everything was designed, manufactured and sold exclusively in Denmark.
    In 1979-1980 this changed rapidly, as Laksen Sporting was granted the first European license to manufacture clothing with waterproof Gore-Tex technology.
    Being one of the first brands to offer real waterproof garments to hunters and fly fishers in Europe, Laksen Sporting grew quickly and the export adventure started. Garments for hunting and shooting soon became the majority of their business and by the end of the 1990s the focus was solely on hunting and shooting. In 1999, they introduced the first lightweight and waterproof-breathable pure wool tweed products, which lead to extensive growth. Today, the continued passion for sporting adventures like shooting, stalking and hunting drives the employees of Laksen Sporting to develop excellent clothing and accessories for any kind of sporting situation in all thinkable weather conditions.

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    • Size XXL
    • Colour grün
    • Material 100 % Italian Lambswool
    • Product Care Machine wash using the hand wash programme with cold water. Place the sweater - folded and in a laundry bag - in the drum and wash it with a little liquid detergent, spin gently and dry in a flat position.
    • Category Men