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Zimazela »The Big Five« Red Wine, 6 x 750 ml

The Big Five is a term that comprises the five most powerful African animals: lion, rhino, buffalo, leopard and elephant. Every bottle shows one of these animals, and on the sixth one they are all shown together. That is why Zimazela is...

(Content: €13.31 / 1 litre)

Medalla Real Gran Reserva Cabernet Red Wine, 750 ml

The vinification: Hand-picked. Temperature-controlled fermentation of the destemmed grapes (95 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 % Cabernet Franc) in steel tanks at 25-28 °C using selected yeasts. A certain proportion undergoes further maceration,...

(Content: €18.53 / 1 litre)

Châteauneuf-du-Pape »Les Charretons« AOP Red Wine, 750 ml

The vinification: The Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine region is located in the southern Rhône valley in the village of the same name. Up to thirteen different grape varieties may be used for this wine. In this case, three are used: Grenache,...

(Content: €43.87 / 1 litre)

Côtes Rôtie »Les Serines« AOP Red Wine, 750 ml

The vinification: 100 % Shiraz, hand-picked. The grapes are fermented on the mash for 5-8 weeks. This is followed by a very gentle pneumatic pressing. The wine is aged in 225 litre oak barrels. The wine: The bright garnet red radiates...

(Content: €79.87 / 1 litre)

Sir Charles Henry Darling Heritage Red Wine, 750 ml

This »Sir Charles Henry Darling« wine is completely unique. The wine is named after and dedicated to Sir Charles Henry Darling who was Governor of Cape Colony at the time Darling Cellars was founded. He was a passionate campaigner for...

(Content: €33.20 / 1 litre)

Lady Ann Darling Heritage White Wine, 750 ml

This wine is named after Lady Ann, who married the Cape Colonial Governor, founder of the Darling Estate, in 1851. The governor, Sir Charles Henry, was a passionate campaigner for human rights and was called »the people's governor«. The...

(Content: €33.20 / 1 litre)

Medalla Real Gran Reserva Chardonnay White Wine, 750 ml

The vinification: Manual harvest in the morning to take advantage of the natural coolness of the grapes (10-12 °C). After pressing, 60 % of the wine undergoes temperature-controlled fermentation in steel tanks using selected yeasts to...

(Content: €18.53 / 1 litre)

Rüdemann »Wacholder« Gin, 38 % Vol, 500 ml

Juniper spirit is the forefather of gin and, like hunting, has a long tradition. The two hunters Niklas and Jan wanted to create a high-quality, uncomplicated hunting schnapps that fits in with the hunting community. It was important for...

(Content: €69.80 / 1 litre)

Rüdemann »Korn« Plain Schnapps, 32 % Vol, 500 ml

Rüdemann Korn is a real rarity. It is produced only once a year, always when the harvest is in. Rye and wheat from their own fields and soft water from their own well are used by the two hunters Niklas and Jan to produce the schnapps....

(Content: €69.80 / 1 litre)

Birkenhof Brennerei »Gentle 66« Gin, 500 ml

This award-winning dry gin matures in a Grand Marnier wooden barrel, which bears the number 66 and gives it its name. But it is not only the cask that gives the gin its name, but also its characteristic yellow colour. A rather smooth and...

(Content: €69.00 / 1 litre)

Birkenhof Brennerei »Alte Haselnuss« Hazelnut Schnapps, 1 l

This fruit schnapps from Birkenhof clearly focuses on the fine taste of hazelnut. The bouquet introduces the taste, which continues in the mouth and unfolds to a wonderfully intense nutty-nougat aroma. Creamy and soft, Birkenhof's »Alte...

Birkenhof Brennerei »Alte Marille« Apricot Schnapps, 1 l

The »Alte Marille« by Birkenhof is, as the name suggests, a spirit with a fine apricot note. The bouquet is sweet and has a fine aroma of bitter almond that gently envelops the sweet and fruity note of apricot. The bitter almond scent is...

Birkenhof Brennerei »Alte Himbeere« Raspberry Schnapps, 1 l

With the »Alte Himbeere«, Birkenhof succeeds in creating a harmonious, sweet-fruity spirit partly based on raspberry. The special delight is rounded off by the subsequent maturing process, which takes place in selected cognac barrels...

Birkenhof Brennerei »Alte Quetsch« Damson Schnapps, 1 l

The »Alte Quetsch« spirit by Birkenhof is a distillate matured in wood. In selected cognac barrels, the distillate interacts with the wood. Different wood aromas are exchanged, of which vanilla notes in particular influence the flavour...

Birkenhof Brennerei »Alte Kirsche« Cherry Schnapps, 1 l

With the »Alte Kirsche«, Birkenhof has succeeded in creating a cherry spirit of the highest quality. During storage, dried cherries are added to the cognac barrel. The ripe distillate is skilfully enhanced with a little juice and subtle...

Birkenhof Brennerei »Alte Williams« Pear Schnapps, 1 l

The spirit matures in selected cognac barrels. During the ageing process, the aromas and flavours settle and become mild and fruity with a pleasant sweetness. To emphasise the fine pear flavour, a small amount of aromatic pear juice is...

Grays New Grove »Emotion 1969« Rum, 700 ml

The »Emotion 1969« vintage blend is an absolute rarity and something very special for lovers of fine spirits. The basis of this rum is a distillate from the O.K. Distillery (now Grays Distillery) from 1969, which was matured in whisky...

(Content: €198.67 / 1 litre)

Lhéraud Cognac Cuvée, 10 Years, 700 ml

The Lhéraud Cuvée 10 Renaissance Cognac is slightly overproof with 42 % alcohol and, thanks to its origins in the Petite Champagne region, it is an extremely well-balanced cognac. Lhéraud's cognacs marked with age statements are actually...

(Content: €94.14 / 1 litre)

Lhéraud Cognac Cuvée, 20 Years, 700 ml

Like many of Lhéraud's cognacs, the Lhéraud Cognac Cuvée 20 ans is slightly over-proof at 43 %. Lhéraud's cognacs marked with age statements are actually »vintages« in disguise. It is a blend of eaux-de-vie aged for one year in Limousin...

(Content: €120.00 / 1 litre)

Lhéraud Cognac XO Charles VII, 700 ml

The Lhéraud XO Charles VII Cognac is an elegant multi-cru blend, accentuated by the eye-catching decanter that reveals the rich colour of the sumptuous brandy. The Charles VII Cognac is a rarity - a top brandy of which only very few...

(Content: €327.14 / 1 litre)

Quinta do Pégo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500 ml

This »Quinta do Pégo Extra Virgin« olive oil comes from the Quinta do Pégo estate in the Douro Valley in Portugal. The olive trees planted in the past served as a natural »fence« around the vineyards. Today, this produces an exclusive...

(Content: €28.00 / 1 litre)

Quinta do Pégo Port, 10 Years, 750 ml

This unique port, Quinta do Pégo's second 10-year-old Tawny, is made from 100 % grapes from the exceptional 2009 harvest, which was actually approved as a vintage port. A small part, however, was patiently stored in 600-litre oak barrels...

(Content: €65.33 / 1 litre)

Quinta do Pégo Port, LBV 2014, 750 ml

The Late Bottled Vintage is, as the name suggests, a late-bottled Vintage Port. This means that instead of being bottled after two years, it is bottled after four to six years of barrel ageing. Sensual, velvety deep ruby red with lively...

(Content: €24.00 / 1 litre)

Quinta do Pégo Colheita 2011 Port, 750 ml

Quinta do Pégos Colheita is a rarity. This is only the third time in the history of Quinta do Pégo that a Colheita has been produced. The vintages include only 2003, 2007 - and now 2011. The port is made by Rozès' winemaker Manuel...

(Content: €85.33 / 1 litre)

Quinta do Pégo Port, LBV 2016, 375 ml

After more than four years in casks, this beautiful, elegant Late Bottled Vintage Port was put in bottles. Late Bottled Vintage is a kind of cross between Vintage Port and Cask Port. A port from a good year that has not been refined...

(Content: €29.46 / 1 litre)