Nano Hone Sharpening Stones Set

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Shapton Glass Stones Set, HR, Grit 500, 2000, 8000
Shapton Glass Stones Set, HR, Grit 500, 2000, 8000
Set consist of sharpening stones with grits 400 (No. 711226 ), 1000 (No. 711227 ), 6000 (No....
Set consist of sharpening stones with grits 400 (No. 711226), 1000 (No. 711227), 6000 (No. 711228) and the Nano Hone Sharpening Stone Holder (No. 711219).
These premium sharpening stones by the American manufacturer Nano Hone are produced in Japan. The sharpening particles are highly pure and homogeneous. This can be noticed when changing to finer grains: the grinding marks left by the previous grit are quickly removed. A special bond enables fast grinding on a flat surface. The sharpening stone is equipped with an aluminium base plate and is therefore 100 % warp-free. Conventional sharpening stones may warp at the microstructure level by absorbing water. The extremely flat aluminium base of the Nano Hone stones solves this problem. Another advantage of the aluminium base is the improved legibility of the grain, which remains visible even after long use. In addition, the different grain sizes can be identified even more quickly by the different base colours. Two bores in the aluminium base allow quick and easy mounting on the Nano Hone sharpening stone holder (No. 711219). The stones should be sprayed with water before use. Permanent storage in water is not recommended. White aluminium oxide abrasive.
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    Nano Hone

    Nano Hone

    Nano Hone is part of HMS Enterprises Inc., which is headquartered in the USA and has a production site in Japan. Nano Hone has over 40 years of experience in the field of sharpening, dressing and woodworking, and is dedicated to developing outstanding, innovative and high-quality sharpening products.

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    Nano Hone Sharpening Stone, Grit 400

    The hard bond is preferable for high-alloy tool steels. Coarse-grained alloy constituents (e.g. chromium and vanadium) in tool steels require a stone that wears slowly.