The MAGLITE ML300 is the ideal torch for professionals who are looking for an extremely robust and powerful torch that can be relied upon in all operating conditions. The very robust and water-resistant (IPX 4) housing is made of...


The MAGLITE ML50 offers a total of five different lighting modes, which are extremely user-friendly to select via the electronic switch from four function menus pre-programmed by MAGLITE. The very robust and water-resistant (IPX 4)...

MAGLITE Belt Holder

Sturdy leather belt holder with brass snap fastener and plastic ring, for C- and D-Cell MAGLITE torches. Belt width max. 57 mm.


The MAGLITE XL50 with a light spectrum from all three colours can be used not only as a hunting torch, but also for fishing, hiking, geocaching and wildlife watching or game observation. The MAGLITE XL50 is characterised by its ease of...

SPERAS T2-70, LED, 3300 lm

The SPERAS T2-70 is a handy, powerful torch made of high-strength aerospace aluminium alloy. The Cree XHP70 LED with a maximum light output of 3300 lumen and a range of 280 m provides sufficient light for outdoor activities in hunting or...

SPERAS T1, LED, 1200 lm

The SPERAS T1 is a robust torch designed for hunters, the military and security services. It shows its strengths primarily at a distance, for example when illuminating large objects and properties or when hunting. The built-in OSRAM LED...

SPERAS EST Torch, LED, 1900 lm

The SPERAS EST is a compact, high-performance flashlight made of high-strength aerospace aluminium alloy that boasts a light range of 211 m. The Luminus SST40*1 LED has a maximum light output of 1900 lm. The 18650 battery provides...

SPERAS M2R-35 Multifunctional Lamp, LED, 1200 lm

The multifunctional M2R-35 flashlight made of high-strength aerospace aluminium alloy with a magnet on its underside, can be used as a hand lamp, headlamp or even in your breast pocket thanks to the right-angled lamp head. The OSRAM LED...

SPERAS B47L-1 Headlamp, LED, 500 lm

The SPERAS B47L-1 is a highly efficient headlamp with a low weight. The headlamp, which is made of a silicone strap, has LED chips (COP) incorporated into the front. There is a single front-facing LED light on the side and a small red...

SPERAS S11 Mini Torch, 400 lm

With its very small dimensions, the Speras S11 multifunctional torch with 400 lm power is ideal for on the go. It features a powerful Samsung LH315B front LED, UV and white/red/blue side light with SOS function and a magnet on the bottom...

SPERAS ZL223E Battery Charger, LED

The SPERAS ZL220C is a smart 2-bay charger with LED screen indicating the charging status. The spring-loaded sliding pole accommodates Li-Ion batteries of various sizes (26650/18650/16340/14500 etc.). When the battery (Li-Ion battery) is...

SPERAS SM1 Universal Mount for Torches, 25-35 mm

Universal holder for torches with Ø 25-35 mm. Made of special plastic with low weight and high breaking strength - even under high stress, the material ensures that the thread for the locking screw does not tear out. For easy mounting on...

SPERAS R34 Li-Ion Battery 18650, 3400 mAh, Micro-USB

The SPERAS R34 is a 18650 Li-Ion battery with 3400 mAh capacity and 3.7 V voltage. Fits SPERAS LED torche T1 (No. 721189 ). Integrated micro-USB charging function for direct charging via USB cable or chargeable in a separate charger....

SPERAS PB35 Li-Ion Battery 18650 with 10A HDC, 3500 mAh

The SPERAS PB35 is a rechargeable 18650 Li-Ion battery with 3500 mAh capacity and 3.6 V voltage. Fits SPERAS LED torch T2-70 (No. 721187 ). Internal protection circuitry protects the battery against short-circuit, overcharge and deep...

SPERAS PB11 Li-Ion Akku 18350 mit 6A HDC, 1100 mAh

Der SPERAS PB11 ist ein wiederaufladbarer 18350 Li-Ion Akku mit 1100 mAh Kapazität und 3.7V Spannung. Passend für die SPERAS LED-Taschenlampe T2-70 (Nr. 721187 ). Eingebauter Schutz-Schaltkreis schützt den Akku gegen Kurzschluss,...