Care Supplies

DICTUM Gun Polish, 60 g, Set, incl. 2 Microfibre Cloths

DICTUM gun polish is a special polish for bare steel and weapon steel. With the DICTUM gun polish and the supplied microfibre cloths, you can clean and polish not only your guns but also your high-quality tools made of bare steel. We...

DICTUM Gun Cleaner

The high-quality DICTUM weapon cleaner cleans and degreases almost all surfaces and materials quickly, thoroughly and reliably, is very economical, does not attack the surfaces and is highly effective. With our weapon cleaner you can...

(Content: €39.60 / 1 litre)


DICTUM Gun Stock Oil, 100 ml

The DICTUM shaft oil penetrates excellently and produces flexibly hard, hard-wearing surfaces. It refines and protects stressed wooden surfaces, is easy to process and quick-drying. Treated surfaces are fully resilient after only 24...

(Content: €99.00 / 1 litre)

DICTUM Visor Cleaning Foam, 150 ml

The DICTUM visor cleaning foam - which also runs off vertical surfaces very slowly and, in contrast to liquid cleaners, does not penetrate the seals of lenses - cleans reliably and streak-free. The high foam stability enables a longer...

(Content: €72.67 / 1 litre)


DICTUM Barrel Cleaner, 200 ml

The highly effective DICTUM barrel cleaner thoroughly and reliably removes residues and impurities of all kinds from the barrels of all short and long rifles. After spraying with the handy probe, the cleaner infiltrates and dissolves...

(Content: €68.00 / 1 litre)

»The GunDog Affair« Weapon Pad

The basic cleaning of a weapon requires its partial or complete disassembly. To prevent bumps and scratches, use our sufficiently large weapon pad made of 5 mm thick, absorbent new felt. It also prevents small parts from rolling away and...

»The GunDog Affair« Weapon Pad with Leather Straps

The basic cleaning of a weapon requires its partial or complete disassembly. To prevent bumps and scratches, use our sufficiently large weapon pad made of 5 mm thick, absorbent wool felt. It also prevents small parts from rolling away...


In addition to its COMFORT wool felt cleaner, VFG has developed a special barrel cleaning felt with embedded brass fibres. Like the wool felt cleaners, it is available in all common calibres. The INTENSIVE barrel cleaner combines the...

Ballistol Long Gun Cleaning Rod

Ballistol cleaning rods are made of carbon and are therefore robust and featherlight. The manufacturer grants a lifetime warranty on the cleaning rod »Made in Germany«. Carbon, a high-tech material, can cause no damage to the weapon and...

Ballistol All-purpose Oil

Ballistol provides reliable rust protection, cleans and oils metals, impregnates and preserves leather and wood surfaces, and is even suitable for the disinfection of minor cuts. In the garden it can be used to treat tree cancer and to...

(Content: €70.00 / 1 litre)


VFG Shotgun Cleaning Rod, Two-Part, Calibre 12, 16, 20

The two-part shotgun cleaning rod is made of solid aluminium and guarantees optimum stability. The parts are threaded seamlessly and tightly. The parts of the rod have a 9/32" thread that allows for commercial cleaning elements. You can...

Ballistol Felt Adapters

All felt adapters fit the Ballistol cleaning rods and many other cleaning rods with the same thread size. All are equipped with an M5 external thread. The felt adapter for three cleaning felts has an additional ⅛″ internal thread.

VFG Match Set Pocket, Calibre 4-4.5 mm

The match-set has been specially designed so that it cannot cause any damage even to high-precision air pressure and match weapons. The pocket set includes plastic-covered steel wire and a contoured grip stock, supplied in a handy tin .

VFG Gun Cleaning Rod, Three-Part

The 3-part cleaning rods for rifles and handguns made of stainless steel with a non-slip polyamide handle are not bulky and can be easily carried along on journeys. The polyamide handle includes two maintenance-free and easy-running ball...

VFG COMFORT Rifle Cleaner

With these wool felt elements, you can professionally clean and preserve your weapon and remove oil from the barrel. The VFG high-quality wool felt barrel cleaners are made from natural sheep's wool fibres mixed with rayon, and are...

Ballistol Gunex Gun Oil

Gunex is the ideal and multiple award-winning oil for weapon care and long-term preservation of bare metallic parts even under extreme conditions (-50 °C to 100 °C). Gunex weapon oil removes the deposits of powder and tombac and keeps...

(Content: €72.00 / 1 litre)


Aigle Care Spray Swipol for Rubber Boots, 200 ml

This care spray maintains the suppleness of your rubber boots and gives them a beautiful shine. Suitable for all rubber boots made of PU, natural rubber or other materials. Simply spray the rubber boots after cleaning, allow to take...

(Content: €64.50 / 1 litre)

Lenz & Leif Special Detergent, 240 ml

Fine products require particularly gentle treatment. To prevent damage to the fine wool structure during washing, Lenz & Leif has had a high-quality detergent concentrate developed that is based on purely natural ingredients. Free from...

(Content: €93.75 / 1 litre)

Ballistol Impregnation Spray »Pluvonin«

Highly effective impregnation based on nanotechnology. Ozone-friendly and free of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Product does not cause surface to darken Envelops each individual fiber with a UV-resistant and thermally stable, breathable...

(Content: €27.00 / 1 litre)

Purdey Selvyt Weapon Cleaning Cloth

Traditional cleaning cloth for weapon care. Selvyt cloths have been the first choice of gunsmiths for cleaning weapons since the Victorian era.

Birchwood Casey Weapon Polishing Cloth

This weapon polishing cloth brings back the original shine of the aged material. The lead removal cloth removes not only lead, but also carbon and copper residues, rust and dullness, and cleans and polishes not only metals such as steel,...

BoreSnake Original, für Flinten

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Original with integrated bronze brush effectively loosens deposits in the barrel and cartridge chamber. Just one swipe loosens large particles, brushes out the residue and then wipes everything spotlessly clean with a...

Hoppe's Black Gun Cleaner

The Gun Cleaner dissolves all residues such as gunshot residues, lead, etc. and leaves a thin anti-corrosion film without damaging the burnished surface, wood or plastic. Perfectly suited for all weapon and accessory parts and in...

(Content: €151.69 / 1 litre)

Hoppe's Black Copper Cleaner

Hoppe's Black Copper Cleaner has been specially developed for firearms with a high number of shots and can be used for all gun barrels. This copper cleaner can be used to remove large amounts of stubborn copper contamination from the...

(Content: €151.69 / 1 litre)

Hoppe's Black Precision Oil

Hoppe’s Precision Oil is perfect for any rifle and is specially formulated to withstand extreme temperatures and high numbers of shots. In a temperature range from -53 °C to 282 °C, Hoppe's Black Precision Oil will not stick to your gun....

(Content: €151.69 / 1 litre)

Bisley Vice

This vice has its origin in Bisley, the English home of shooters and hunters. Thanks to its universal fields of application, it is very popular with hunters and knife makers. It can be clamped and fixed in any position in a matter of...

Bore Snake Viper for Rifles

Hoppe's BoreSnake Viper is the improved version of the BoreSnake Original with two integrated bronze brushes for loosening even stubborn deposits in the barrel and cartridge chamber. A cone-shaped bore guide on the leading end...

Bore Snake Viper for Handguns

Hoppe's BoreSnake Viper is the improved version of the BoreSnake Original with two integrated bronze brushes for loosening even stubborn deposits in the barrel and cartridge chamber. A cone-shaped bore guide on the leading end...

GentleMen Clothes Brush, Pear Wood, Black Natural Bristles

Clothes brush in modern, simple design, with pure black natural bristles and oiled pear wood body.

Outdoor Brush

Whether trekking, biking, hiking or hunting, with this practical outdoor brush with strong boar bristles combined with light horsehair, even stubborn dirt and dust can be removed effortlessly from rucksack, jacket, trousers and shoes....

Keller Clothes Brush, Pear Wood, Bronze Wire and Horsehair...

Slender clothes brush made of oiled pear wood in a modern, simple design. The fine soft bronze wire and horsehair bristles remove all dirt, stains, pet hair and even stubborn soiling from clothing and upholstery. You can also...

Magnetic Felt Jaws, Pair

Protect the surface of the clamped parts with these magnetic felt jaws. With the magnets on the back of the felt, they can be quickly and easily attached to the steel jaws of a standard vice. These felt jaws are indispensable for...

Le Chameau Care Spray for Rubber Boots

The Le Chameau care spray protects, maintains and increases the life of your high-quality boots made of natural rubber. The silicone-based care spray is easy to use. For optimum care of your boots, we recommend cleaning them after use...