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Dog Care
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Keller »MaxiPin Wood« Dog Grooming Brush

An exceptional dog grooming brush with premium wooden pins for pleasantly gentle brushing. The numerous rounded wooden pins have a soothing effect on the dog's skin, improve circulation and promote the supply of important nutrients to...

Keller »MaxiPin« Dog Grooming Brush, Boar Bristles

This high-quality dog brush with real boar bristles is suitable for both short and long silky coats. The boar bristle absorbs excess grease from the coat and releases it into the dry and brittle areas, thus smoothing the coat and giving...

Keller »MaxiPin Mix« Hedgehog Slicker Dog Brush

The MaxiPin Mix is an excellent brush for removing light tangles, dirt and dust, and giving the coat more shine. The nylon brushes in the centre of the bundle help to untangle, while the boar bristles around them comb and straighten the...

Keller »MaxiPin« Dog Grooming Brush

The extra soft rubber pad and the long, cushioned metal pins ensure a comfortably soft touch when brushing long haired breeds. Made of native beech wood and treated with an elegant rosewood lacquer.

Combination Dog Grooming Brush

This dog brush made of oiled beech wood combines two brushes in one. One side of the brush is fitted with approx. 20 mm long wire pins, which are firmly attached in an »Airlastic« rubber insert and yield when pressure is applied too...

Felt and Hook-and-loop Brush

With the felt and hook-and-loop brush you can effortlessly brush out dirt and lint from Velcro or localised matting in the dog's coat. The curved brush body made of oiled beech wood is very comfortable to hold.

Mars Claw Clippers, Strong Steel

These strong claw clippers have a semi-circular cutting edge shape which encloses the claw when cutting and shortens it evenly from the outside to the inside, thus avoiding splintering of the claw. Made of stainless steel, forged,...

Mars Tick Tweezers

Tick tweezers made of stainless steel. The pre-tensioning of the tweezers holds the tick securely so it can be easily twisted out with the help of the rotating handle. Sterilisable.

Mars Thinning Scissors, Toothed on Both Sides

Coat thinning scissors with micro serration on both cutting edges. The teeth have precision prisms on the upper side, which have been ground after hardening and prevent the hairs from slipping away from the scissors during cutting. Made...

Mars Fur Scissors, Curved, Round Tip

The fur scissors are curved and have a rounded tip. Please note that the rounding always points away from your pet, thus preventing possible injuries, even with a fidgety dog. The micro teeth on the cutting edge ensure a good cut and...

Mars Paw Scissors

These paw scissors made of stainless, hardened steel are designed for removing hair between the pads, but can also be used for careful trimming on the head. The tip has a round, thickened design. The micro teeth on one cutting edge keep...

Mars Coat King Multi Stripping Curry Comb

The special geometry of the blades on the Coat King guarantees good penetration into the coat, allowing you to effectively and gently remove approx. 90 % of loose dead hairs. Apply light pressure to the coat, holding with the other hand...
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