Dog care

Mars Claw Clippers, Strong Steel

These strong claw clippers have a semi-circular cutting edge shape which encloses the claw when cutting and shortens it evenly from the outside to the inside, thus avoiding splintering of the claw. Made of stainless steel, forged,...

Mars Tick Tweezers

Tick tweezers made of stainless steel. The pre-tensioning of the tweezers holds the tick securely so it can be easily twisted out with the help of the rotating handle. Sterilisable.

Mars Thinning Scissors, Toothed on Both Sides

Coat thinning scissors with micro serration on both cutting edges. The teeth have precision prisms on the upper side, which have been ground after hardening and prevent the hairs from slipping away from the scissors during cutting. Made...

Mars Fur Scissors, Curved, Round Tip

The fur scissors are curved and have a rounded tip. Please note that the rounding always points away from your pet, thus preventing possible injuries, even with a fidgety dog. The micro teeth on the cutting edge ensure a good cut and...

Mars Paw Scissors

These paw scissors made of stainless, hardened steel are designed for removing hair between the pads, but can also be used for careful trimming on the head. The tip has a round, thickened design. The micro teeth on one cutting edge keep...

Mars Coat King Multi Stripping Curry Comb

The special geometry of the blades on the Coat King guarantees good penetration into the coat, allowing you to effectively and gently remove approx. 90 % of loose dead hairs. Apply light pressure to the coat, holding with the other hand...

Mars Flexy-King Flexible Slicker Brush

This special brush with counter-rotating operating principle is excellent for removing localised matting in the dog's coat. Brushing without pain and skin irritation. The bristles open during use as the spring steel bristle holder bends...

Sprenger Dog Brush, Natural Bristles

Oval-shaped, antistatic dog brush with pure natural bristles made of frayed agave leaves, which allows brushing without metal pins in a strong but gentle way. Due to the strong bristles, which remove dried dirt, this brush is...

Sprenger Dog Brush, Metal Pins

The dog brush features extra-long, fine metal pins, especially designed for thick, long and fine dog fur. The brush body is made of oiled pear wood and the handles are longer and wider than usual for an excellent grip.

Ballistol Animal Care Oil

Natural and gentle care for animals that has been manufactured for over 65 years with proven, 100 % herbal pharmacological grade active ingredients. Recommended by veterinarians. For skin, coat, ear, hoof and paw care Promotes hair...

(Content: €220.00 / 1 litre)


Ballistol »Stichfrei« Animal Mosquito Repellent,

Ballistol »Stichfrei« Animal provides reliable, long-lasting protection against insects for horses, dogs, cats and other four-legged friends. An insect repellent specially developed for animals that provides effective and caring...

(Content: €65.00 / 1 litre)