Scythes for hunting

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Schröckenfux Scandinavian No-peening Scythe

This robust scythe is mainly found in the Nordic regions, where it is used for cutting meadows. But it is also used in the alpine region, for example, to keep alpine pastures clear. Due to its high hardness and the slightly thicker...

Schröckenfux Original Razor-Cut Gardening Scythes

Universal scythe with a slender peened blade. The special design of the blade reduces efforts even when mowing uneven ground. The patented snath, an oval steel tube with wooden handles, is adjustable for height (170-185 cm) and body...

Schröckenfux Shrub and Bush Scythe

This particularly robust scythe with its strong back reinforcement reliably mows tall shrubs, overgrown undergrowth and even slightly woody plants. Ideal for keeping slopes, clearings and paths open. The patented snath, an oval steel...

Schröckenfux Bush Scythe

Ideal for controlled mowing of weeds and undergrowth along hedges or on fruit tree meadows. The blade is shorter and thicker than grass blades, and is not easily damaged when it hits a foreign body. The patented snath, an oval steel tube...

Schröckenfux Scythe Snath

Patented snath (handle) which can be adjusted to fit body size and posture, oval steel tubing with wooden handles. Ready to use, with detailed instructions. Includes handles and blade attachment mechanism. Comes without scythe blade.

Scythe Sickle

This sickle forged in Germany is ideal for cutting tough and woody grasses and uncontrolled growth. Varnished beech handle. Peened and forged by hand Ergonomic handle Broad, strong blade

Schröckenfux Scythe Sickle, Blade Length 270 mm

Elegantly curved scythe sickle for cutting grass, uncontrolled growth and cereal. The red beech handle makes it easy to find even in long grass. Hand-forged Peened and sharpened ready for mowing Narrow curved blade for effortless and...

Silicar Silicon Carbide Whetstone for Scythes, coarse

Unbreakable artificial stone made of pure silicon carbide without filler, hardened tips. Grit 220. Soft stone with very good material removal properties for honing For the treatment of grass cutting scythes after peening and for honing...

Whetstone Holder, Cowhorn

This traditional-style whetstone holder is made of original Austrian cowhorn. It offers an even classier way of keeping your whetstone wet and within reach when scything large areas. Fitted with a belt clip.
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