Peening Anvil, with Stopper

Peening made easy

Peening Anvil, with Stopper
Peening makes the cutting edge of scythe and sickle blades thinner, harder and easier to sharpen....
Peening makes the cutting edge of scythe and sickle blades thinner, harder and easier to sharpen. But peening is quite a challenge. A well-balanced blow with the hammer, an even feed motion and a precise positioning of the blade on the anvil are required. All demand a lot of practise. This peening anvil solves this problem. The blade is placed on an adjustable support plate. A depth stop makes sure that the blade is exactly positioned on the curved anvil. Another advantage: you can always easily view the field of work. The anvil is made of impact-resistant tool steel, the surface area is hardened to a depth of 3 cm to 58-60 HRC. Since the anvil is not hardened through, the hammer will not bounce. Suited for all scythe and sickle blades. The anvil has a horn for beating it to a wooden block. Includes instruction sheet and abrasive fabric for cleaning blade, anvil and hammer. Galvanized. Suitable hammers No. 714104 and 714117.
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    Schröckenfux, a company from the Austrian Krems Valley, is one of the last scythe makers in Central Europe. For over 450 years, carbon steel blanks have been shaped to elegantly curved, razor-thin scythe and sickle blades.

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    Peening Anvil, with Stopper
    Peening Anvil, with Stopper

    Article number 705587
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