Hunting Calls & Lures

Weisskirchen »Fiep-Piu« Caller for Roe Deer

»Fiep-Piu« (fawn in distress) caller with adjusting screw and threaded brass bushing. Can be used to imitate the fawn call, barren doe call, doe call and disturbed doe call. You can produce the »Piu«-call with a fast turn of the...

Weisskirchen Wild Boar Caller

The success of this caller will be overwhelming if it is used correctly. This wild boar caller can imitate the burping rutting call of the fallow buck, as well as the angry growl of the African buffalo and also, after removing the tube,...

Weisskirchen Duck Caller

The Weisskirchen duck caller has a wooden body and a very high quality rubber bellow. It generates a realistic duck quack and is therefore a hunter’s ideal partner during the duck hunting season.

Weisskirchen Rabbit Distress Caller with Mouse Whistle

This tool reproduces the strikingly real distress call of a rabbit. Thanks to the shape of the mouthpiece, the caller lies firmly between the lips. With integrated mouse whistle. Also suitable for racoon dogs. Made from native cherry.

Weisskirchen Fox Whistle (Mating Season)

The fox whistle (mating call) mimics the subtle whimpering of a vixen in heat. Best application time: November to Christmas and after the main mating season in February. Only the male fox reacts to it.

Weisskirchen Fox Mating Season Set

Fox barking caller and fox whistle as a set - such tools were used by our ancestors. Unfortunately, old knowledge often gets lost - but not with this set.

Weisskirchen Mouse Whistle 2

Place the mouse whistle under the upper lip and breathe into it in rapid succession to produce the excited sounds of a mouse. The fox can hear these sounds at a distance of over 400 m. A mouse does not squeak, it chirps quietly and...