Shoe Care

Rey Pavón Boot Bag

This handmade padded boot bag made of durable high-quality 24oz canvas and vegetable-tanned cowhide is a real head-turner. The bag is equipped with a robust, smooth-running metal two-way zip and a hard-wearing inner lining made of strong...

Rapide Leather Oil

The leather oil absorbs quickly, giving a pleasant aroma of almond oil. For intensive preservation, for dry and thick leather Makes leather soft and supple Protects against moisture Suitable for all types of smooth leather

(Content: €59.00 / 1 litre)


Le Chameau Boot Bag, Vert Chameau

The robust and functional boot bag from Le Chameau is suitable for the gentle and dirt-free transport of your high-quality boots. The bag is equipped with a large zipped opening, a mesh pocket and an additional slip pocket on the front,...

GentleMen Shoe Care Brush, Smoked Oak

This high-quality shoe brush with dense, long horsehair bristles, recessed grips on the sides and slightly curved shape fits snugly in the hand and facilitates quick polishing movements that help your shoes shine to perfection. The...

Polish Applicator Brush, Round

Brush for the gentle and even application of cream to all high-quality, especially high-gloss, smooth leather shoes. Shoe cream brushes with 100 % horsehair bristles take up more shoe polish due to the natural texture of the hair and...

Shoehorn, Beech, 370 mm

The smooth, rounded edges guarantee easy donning without damaging shoes, stockings or skin. The hard, oiled beechwood provides a high degree of stability and robustness and does not bend during use. The practical leather strap allows the...

DICTUM Leather Soap for all Types of Leather

Colourless leather cleaner with active ingredient made of natural proteins. Has a pleasant aroma. For the intensive cleaning of all types of leather. Product causes no darkening of the surface The leather retains its natural stiffness...

(Content: €126.00 / 1 litre)

DICTUM Leather Milk for all Types of Leather

For all types of leather. This leather milk is made of natural ingredients. It has an almost neutral colour and helps even out different shades. Product causes slight darkening of the surface The leather retains its natural stiffness and...

(Content: €97.00 / 1 litre)

DICTUM Leather Balm for all Colours of Leather

For all colours of leather. Colourless leather care balm based on natural ingredients with a high percentage of beeswax. Product causes almost no darkening of the surface The leather retains its natural stiffness and strength Gives...

(Content: €118.00 / 1 kg)

Ballistol Impregnation Spray »Pluvonin«

Highly effective impregnation based on nanotechnology. Ozone-friendly and free of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Product does not cause surface to darken Envelops each individual fiber with a UV-resistant and thermally stable, breathable...

(Content: €27.00 / 1 litre)

Rapide Leather Cream

Universal leather care cream with a pleasant aroma of almond oil. Makes leather supple Gives surface a light sheen Impregnating and moisturizing effect Suitable for all types of smooth leather

(Content: €48.67 / 1 kg)


Rapide Leather Dressing, 250 ml

Emulsion to clean and preserve smooth leather. Makes leather soft and supple Product causes surface to darken slightly Impregnating and moisturizing effect Suitable for all types of smooth leather

(Content: €43.60 / 1 litre)

Aigle Boot Jack

Take off your rubber boots and other shoes easily and without stooping with the Aigle boot jack. The sturdy boot jack made of beech wood features six anti-slip points to ensure a stable stand.

Aigle Boot Bag, Large

This boot bag from Aigle can be easily opened via two parallel zippers and serves to transport and protect your rubber boots. Due to the reinforced bottom, the bag is particularly sturdy. Ventilation nets on both sides allow good air...

Aigle Waterproofing Agent, 250 ml

The waterproofing spray provides a breathable, water- and dirt-repellent coating that makes water roll off and ensures reliable protection in rain and snow. Suitable for all natural and synthetic fibres as well as leather. The...

(Content: €59.60 / 1 litre)

Aigle Care Spray Swipol for Rubber Boots, 200 ml

This care spray maintains the suppleness of your rubber boots and gives them a beautiful shine. Suitable for all rubber boots made of PU, natural rubber or other materials. Simply spray the rubber boots after cleaning, allow to take...

(Content: €64.50 / 1 litre)

Dubarry Travel Boot Jack, Foldable

This handy bootjack is ideal for on the go. It can be folded in half to save space. The bootjack is made of dark wood. If you have problems taking off your boots, simply place it on the heel; the studs on the top provide improved support...

Dubarry Leather Colour Restorer, Dark Brown

The shoe polish is only suitable for dark brown, smooth leather. Before use, remove dirt and dust from the leather and then apply the shoe polish thinly and evenly to the smooth leather with a cotton cloth. After about 15 minutes drying...

(Content: €130.00 / 1 kg)

Dubarry Footwear Care Pack

This shoe care set is ideal for travelling. It consists of 60 ml cleaning agent (Footwear Cleaner), 60 ml waterproofing agent (Footwear Protector), 100 g colourless cream (Leather Cream), the corresponding sponge, a brush and a transport...

Dubarry Leather Cream, Colourless

This cream acts like a moisturiser on human skin. It prevents the leather from drying out and keeps it soft and supple. Many of the ingredients are of natural origin and some come from the Australian outback: tea tree oil, eucalyptus...

(Content: €170.00 / 1 kg)

Dubarry Footbed

The Dubarry footbed provides extra comfort and a better fit. A moulded heel support with EVA padding provides optimised step cushioning during longer walks. The anti-slip underside keeps the footbed firmly in place and the perforated...

Felt and Hook-and-loop Brush

With the felt and hook-and-loop brush you can effortlessly brush out dirt and lint from Velcro or localised matting in the dog's coat. The curved brush body made of oiled beech wood is very comfortable to hold.