Umbrellas | Men

Francesco Maglia Umbrella, »Pic Nic«

The solid »Pic Nic« stick umbrella is made from a continuous chestnut wood shaft. The wood is worked using traditional techniques from the 19th century and involves many manual steps, from bending and sanding to finishing touches such as...

Francesco Maglia Umbrella, »Fox«,

The elegant »Fox« stick umbrella is an absolute classic. The elaborately handcrafted chestnut stick, with the pole and handle made of one piece and bent by hand, and the elegantly striped twill cover make this umbrella a reliable and...

Francesco Maglia Umbrella, »Deer«

The extravagant »Deer« sports umbrella is an absolute head-turner and is a must-have for people who appreciate something special. The timeless houndstooth pattern and the striking handle made of a red deer brow tine make the umbrella an...