Game Recovery Aids

»The GunDog Affair« Game Recovery Aid

With this practical game recovery aid made of tear-resistant, braided polypropylene rope with sturdy carabiner and hand protection made of non-slip and abrasion-resistant polyurethane, retrieving even the heaviest game is made much...

Mufflon Game Recovery Aid

Silent game recovery aid with rope sling and 40 mm-wide shoulder strap. The knot in the strap is used as a handhold. The sewn-in rope sling with a diameter of 5 mm has a pulling force of more than 500 kg. With wild boars, place the loop...

»VARIO I« Rear Carrier, with Tilting Function

Compact, galvanised and easy-to-handle rear carrier. Thanks to its fold-out transport baskets, the tilting device and its high carrying capacity of max. 150 kg, even heavy cloven-hoofed game or wild boar can be transported out of the...