Gutting Saws

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Leomatik »Modell L« Field Dressing Knife

The Leomatik dressing knife not only stands out due to its unusual blade shape, its rustproof CMV-5 steel blade is also very durable. The hygienic Kraton handle lies snugly and securely in your palm and has a signal yellow reflective dot...

Friedr. Dick »ErgoGrip« Hunting Set, 2-piece Set

Two-piece knife set for cutting and dressing game, consisting of a dressing knife (blade length 150 mm) and a butt-out knife (blade length 100 mm). Orange »ErgoGrip« handle for a secure grip and good visibility on meadow and forest...

Friedr. Dick »MagicGrip« Dressing/Hunting Knife

The MagicGrip dressing knife impresses with its serrated edge ensuring clean results when opening the sternum and pelvis. Due to the ball tip, the bowels remain unharmed. The turned and slightly curved blade makes handling even easier...

Wood Jewel »Elkhound« Double Hunting Knife

Double hunting knife, consisting of a hunting knife and a skinner knife with gutting blade. Both knives are at the ready in one leather sheath with elkhound motif. The high-contrast handles made of masur birch, pakka wood, leather,...

Folding Gambrel

Ideal for buck hunting Double hook Foldable Dimensionally stable Rustproof Suitable for up to 50 kg Width approx. 60 cm

Morakniv »Belly Opener« Field Dressing Knife

An outstandingly useful dressing tool made of stainless steel with special dressing hook and non-slip, easy-to-clean plastic handle. The belly opener has a blunt tip that prevents you from accidentally damaging innards when opening the...

Butt Out Aid

This field dressing aid is suitable for red deer, roe deer, fallow deer and wild boar. It helps you to twist and remove the intestines. You do not need to cut the pelvic bone. Milled from anodised solid aluminium. The blue colour is...

Casström Gutting Saw

The Casström gutting saw with exchangeable blade opens chest cages and pelvic bones effectively and safely. The end of the blade has been rounded off to avoid puncturing the gut or making unintended damage to the game carcase. The...

Löwe Hunting Shears

The special ergonomic scissor handle enables the hunter to dress and gut game effortlessly and to cut free the hunter’s raised hides and line of fire. The mechanism of the anvil pruner, with the cutting blade closing against a flat...
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