Kunsuto Sharpening Oilstone, Grit 2000

Kunsuto Sharpening Oilstone, Grit 2000
Aluminium oxide abrasive.
Aluminium oxide abrasive.
Kunsuto Oilstones
These stones were developed to offer a complete range of oilstones for carving tools and chisels. Until now, the only good quality stones available on the market were synthetic oilstones (Norton India) with coarse grain and Arkansas natural stones with mostly very fine grain. The Kunsuto stones close this gap and allow a continuous sharpening process with oilstones of grit 220 and 1000 (Norton India), the medium grits 2000 and 4000 for forming the cutting edge (Kunsuto), and up to the Arkansas natural stone. The development process of the stones made in Germany was supported by microscope images of the cutting edges after sharpening. Pre-soaked with oil in the factory, it comes ready for use.
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    • Grit 2000
    • Dimensions 200 x 50 x 25 mm
    • Purity of the grain Medium
    • Recommended steels all steels
    • Abrasive aluminium oxide
    • Abrasive surface (mm) 200 x 50 mm
    • Abrasive thickness (mm) 25 mm
    • Wear Medium
    Article no. 711195
    Brand Kunsuto
    €24.80 per piece(s)

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    Kunsuto Sharpening Oilstone, Grit 2000