DICTUM Low-speed Grinder DS 150 L with DICTUM CBN Grinding Wheel

Low-speed grinder: due to a speed range of 1450 rpm, the risk of overheating is significantly...
  • Low-speed grinder:due to a speed range of 1450 rpm, the risk of overheating is significantly reduced; conventional double-wheeled grinders usually have a speed range of more than 3000 rpm
  • Wheel width 40 mm, an unbeatable advantage, especially when sharpening larger turning gouges with a rounded cross-section or grinding plane blades
  • Machine housing, base, brackets and tool rests made of robust steel and die-cast aluminium
  • Balanced shaft and special flanges for exemplary running smoothness and long life
  • Low vibration/low noise
  • Easily adjustable, solid spark protection and protective screens
  • Solid swivel tool rests made of die-cast aluminium
  • Cast iron base with openings for bench mounting
This wheel selection leaves no wish unfulfilled:
The grinding wheel made of high-quality white aluminium oxide with coarse grit removes material quickly and with a cool grind. When fine grinding on the CBN grinding wheel, there is no need to true the stone and consequently the wheel diameter does not change. This ensures 100 % accurate reproduction of grinds e.g. when sharpening turning tools with a jig. The relatively fine CBN grinding wheel (B91/conventional grit 180) enables fast removal and cool grinding. The finish is, however, still fine enough so that after grinding, turning tools can be directly used on the lathe, for instance.
The DS 150 L is specially designed to meet tool sharpening needs.

    Scope of delivery

    • White aluminium oxide grinding wheel, 150 x 40 x 32 mm, 60 grit
    • White aluminium oxide grinding wheel, 150 x 40 x 32 mm, 100 grit
    • CBN Grinding Wheel (not mounted):150 x 40 x 32 mm, grit B91 (conventional grit 180), incl. adaptor flange
    • Safety glasses
    • Diamond grinding wheel dresser
    • Integrated tray for e.g. coolants or small parts
    • Open-ended spanner
    • Clamping sleeve for adaptor flange
    Further details on the manufacturer

    DICTUM is dedicated to creating products which have a long service life and are free from substances that are harmful to the environment or health.

    For almost 170 years , our corporate philosophy has embodied:

    • The highest functional aesthetics
    • A commitment to ergonomics
    • The best materials
    • Long-standing business relationships with manufacturers and suppliers
    • Long-lasting products thanks to comprehensive services such as our

      Sharpening service
      Handle mounting service
      Spare parts availability

    We attach great importance to the honest and professional working relationships we have with our partners and manufacturers. DICTUM is more than tools...

    • Centre hole 12.7 mm
    • Wheel diameter 150 mm
    • No load speed 1450 rpm
    • Rated input 370 W
    • Motor 230 V
    • Wheel width 40 mm
    • Weight 14 kg
    • Dimensions 420 x 260 x 185 mm
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    Article no. 711241
    Brand DICTUM
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    DICTUM Low-speed Grinder DS 150 L with DICTUM CBN Grinding Wheel Price advantage
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    The flange allows to adjust the 32 mm standard bore of the CBN grinding wheels to the shaft diameter of the different sharpening machines. Made of aluminium.

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