Sorby ProEdge Grinding Machine, Basic

The ProEdge is a revolutionary grinding system that has been used for decades in the workshops of...
  • Abrasive belt, aluminium oxide, grit 120 (No. 720386)
  • Abrasive belt, zirconium, grit 60 (No. 720388)
  • Support table
  • Angle table in German/English
  • Assembly tool, hexagonal screwdriver with T-handle
  • German instructions created by DICTUM and English instructions
  • The ProEdge is a revolutionary grinding system that has been used for decades in the workshops of Robert Sorby for sharpening turning tools. And this tried-and-tested system is now available in compact form for every home workshop.
    Central to the system is a long-lasting abrasive belt. It ensures quick and effective abrasion and creates sharp edges on any tool. The low-friction running band releases heat quickly and prevents overheating of the cutting edge. With the help of an angle-adjustment gauge and a raster system, you can easily and repeatedly grind standard cutting angles.
    The variable grinding arm ensures the ProEdge is user-friendly and has a great range of movement. This makes it a good choice for hand grinding and producing unusual edges. But it is also ideal for sculpting and carving tools, chisels, knives, turning tools, drills, plane blades and garden tools. The machine comes ready to go.
    Technical details:
    • Band speed 220 m/min
    • Motor 375 W
    • Power supply 230 V
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      Robert Sorby

      The Robert Sorby company has been known for its range of high-quality woodworking tools for over 200 years. In Sheffield (England) traditional working methods are combined with technical expertise, guaranteeing sophisticated tools with a quality that speaks for itself.

      • Model Basic
      Article no. 720383
      Brand Sorby
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