Els & Co. »Winterton« Leather Apron

Full of character and high quality!

Els & Co. »Winterton« Leather Apron
With this apron made of high quality, vegetable-tanned Bonsmara cowhide you acquire a piece of...
With this apron made of high quality, vegetable-tanned Bonsmara cowhide you acquire a piece of genuine craftsmanship. Due to its high quality grain that becomes more and more beautiful through use, it is equally suitable for cooks, woodworkers and sculptors, but also for the field dressing of game. The surface is treated with a mixture of beeswax and animal fat, so that the final product still shows the individual scars and folds of the cowhide, giving testimony to the cow’s life. The apron has two large front pockets made of sturdy leather, which serve to store small work utensils. A brass ring is attached to one of the two pockets. Keys or smaller equipment that you want to have quickly at hand can be hooked on here with a karabiner, for example. The »Winterton« apron is designed for comfort and functionality - allowing you to easily adjust the canvas straps and ensure the perfect fit, letting you get on with your work freely. It is full of character and will only get better with every wear.
To craft an exceptional leather product you have to start with the best materials. And so, Els & Co. products are crafted from the best quality vegetable-tanned leather. To achieve that genuine old school finish, the leather is sponge dyed, oiled with a special mixture of beeswax and animal fat and shaped by hand. What further distinguishes Els & Co. from all other leather mongers is not only that every single stitch is made by hand, but that there is no production line and each and every item is made by one craftswoman from start to finish. The final touch is her initials that she stamps onto the leather, proudly signing her creation. The whole process is done by hand and it can take several months to achieve a finished and unique product.
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    Els & Co.

    Els & Co, exclusive manufacturer of handmade leather products based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, strives to awaken the lost art of leather craftsmanship and to produce beautiful, well-designed and functional products that you will only have to purchase once in your lifetime.

    • Colour brown
    • Material Vegetable-tanned Bonsmara cowhide/cotton canvas;
    • Dimensions 48 x 71 cm
    • Category Unisex
    Article no. 821276
    Brand Els & Co.
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    €239.00 per piece(s)

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    Els & Co. »Winterton« Leather Apron