Polo Belts CINCHA, Navy

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Your color selection: CINCHA-Navy: Dunkelbraunes Leder mit Gewebe in Dunkelblau mit Beige


Article No. 819478
Brand pampeano
These polo belts, also called gaucho belts, are made in Argentina. A family-run leather...
This belt is made from a woven cotton band, or »Cincha«, with which traditional polo saddles are attached to the pony.
These polo belts, also called gaucho belts, are made in Argentina. A family-run leather manufacture in Buenos Aires has been handcrafting them almost unchanged for generations.
The colouring as well as the shape of the rhombic patterns are influenced by the local nature. The decorations reflect the pampas, the sky, the sea and the Andes. They became known around the world through the Argentine polo players who wear the embroidered belts with the respective team colours.
Embroidering these patterns by hand with waxed cotton threads takes some time. It is estimated that up to eight hours in total are required to produce one of these belts. Turning to mechanised production to increase productivity will continue to be avoided in the future. Thus no two belts are alike. Each one is unique and contributes to the belts becoming an increasingly beautiful cultural asset.
This is also guaranteed by the use of vegetable-tanned Argentinean cowhide and the indestructible belt buckle made of solid brass
The belt length is measured from the inner edge of the belt buckle to the third, middle belt hole.
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    The company’s name refers to the Pampa region in Argentina, where the high quality belts come from. They are not a fashion accessory, but part of the polo equipment in the Pampeano range alongside saddles and other saddlery products.

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    • Size 80
    • Colour CINCHA Navy: Dark brown leather with fabric in dark blue with beige
    • Material Cowhide, brass buckle
    • Dimensions Width 35 cm
    • Category Unisex