Ludwig Reiter Gardener Rubber Boots

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Rubber boots remind us of the footwear we had when we were children and were allowed to brave the...
Rubber boots remind us of the footwear we had when we were children and were allowed to brave the elements in the mud pit and the puddle. What you appreciated playfully as a child stays with you as an adult. Do you want to take a trip into the forest with its wet meadows or stroll through a rainy city jungle, keeping your feet dry?
Ludwig Reiter provides you with a rubber boot that offers a typical sailing boot look in combination with the positive characteristics of a hunting boot.
Incidentally, this is the first and only Ludwig Reiter brand.
The quality standard is achieved with considerable craftsmanship as follows: The lower shoe is made of vulcanised natural rubber with a non-slip profiled rubber sole. It has a dry and warm neoprene lining, and the removable insole is provided with a cork heel wedge
Durable nubuck leather is used for the upper shaft as a protection against scratches and scrapes from branches and bushes. The inner lining is made of French calf leather, and a pull loop makes it easy to put the boots on.
The Gardener. An adult rubber boot
    • Size 36
    • Colour dark green / brown
    • Material Upper material: rubber, lining: synthetic fibre neoprene, shaft: suede leather, lining: calfskin, sole: rubber profile sole
    • Product Care Wipe or brush clean.
    • Category Unisex
    Further details on the manufacturer

    Ludwig Reiter

    Ludwig Reiter

    There are only few footwear manufacturers left on the market which mainly produce welted shoes and do not compromise on the choice of raw materials, the place of production or the working conditions. Ludwig Reiter is the last manufacturer still based and producing in Vienna and ranks among this group. The company, which has been producing footwear in Vienna for more than 130 years and is now in its fourth generation, chooses its raw materials based on the type of animal husbandry and the purpose of the product, casting aside trends and fads, and instead relying on experience and skills. It started manufacturing riding boots and booties for the dress uniform of the Austro-Hungarian Army as early as its foundation in 1885. After years as journeymen and apprentices in Germany, England and America at the beginning of the twentieth century, during which they acquired a sound knowledge of materials and craftsmanship, especially of the Goodyear process used in the USA, the family gradually turned their company into a small shoe factory after their return from that educational journey. In the following period, welted shoes were produced for civilian use and, during the Second World War, mainly for the military and police. Fortunately, the production site survived the turmoil of the war unscathed, so that the company could focus on the production of even better welted shoes. At the time, this was a perceptive, albeit courageous decision that ensured the survival of the brand. The takeover of Kitzmantel, a company with a long tradition which specialises in the production of work shoes, has saved craftsmanship skills and helped extend the existing range. Ludwig Reiter now not only offers welted shoes but also high-quality sports shoes, ladies shoes and leather accessories on a worldwide scale.

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    • Size 36
    • Colour dark green / brown
    • Material Upper material: rubber, lining: synthetic fibre neoprene, shaft: suede leather, lining: calfskin, sole: rubber profile sole
    • Product Care Wipe or brush clean.
    • Category Unisex
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