Seldom Men's Sweater V-neck

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Article No. 818747
Brand Seldom
This reversible pullover with V-neck is made by knitting specialist Seldom from extra-fine...
This reversible pullover with V-neck is made by knitting specialist Seldom from extra-fine Patagonian merino wool, completely seamless and two-tone. The yarns are spun in Italy in a patented process and then knitted seam-free and plated on special machines in Germany. This produces a beautiful melange tone on the front and reverse sides of the fabric. The seamless technology and plating can be easily recognised by the decreasing for shaping at the shoulder. Merino wool is capable of regulating humidity and balancing temperature.
During sporting or strenuous activities, the wool absorbs moisture and releases it into the environment. You stay dry, do not cool down and keep warm. Another advantage is that merino wool inherently resists odour retention. The sweater is pre-washed and therefore extremely dimensionally stable and durable.
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    Seldom, a third-generation knitting specialist from the Westerwald region in Germany, mainly uses organic Patagonian merino wool for its sweaters and jackets. A spinning mill in Italy produces the yarns exclusively for Seldom using a patented carded spinning technique. This process ensures that the products are soft and voluminous to the touch and hardly show any pilling. Knitting takes place in Germany on state-of-the-art machines. Seldom uses seamless technology, which allows knitting completely without seams, as well as plating. Here, two yarn systems are connected to produce the front and back of the knitted fabric. It can be used to combine different materials, or - as in this example - two different colours. This results in a varied melange on both sides, and thus a seamless, two-tone reversible sweater.

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    • Size L
    • Colour black and grey
    • Material 100 % Virgin Wool
    • Product Care Machine wash using the hand wash programme with cold water. Place the sweater - folded and in a laundry bag - in the drum and wash it with a little liquid detergent, spin gently and dry in a flat position.
    • Category Men