KME Sharpening System, DICTUM Kit

The KME sharpening system combines a robust construction with high functionality. The sharpening...
The KME sharpening system combines a robust construction with high functionality. The sharpening process is quite simple and you hardly need any previous knowledge or experience.
  • Stepless sharpening angle adjustment allows for cutting angles of 17-28°
  • A 180° rotating knife clamp ensures that both sides are evenly sharpened
  • No right- or left-handed restrictions
  • The system can be held by the pistol-shaped handle for mobile use or slotted into the base
  • Robust components made of metal, plastic and cherry wood
  • Rubberised knife clamps protect the blade from scratches
  • Maximum blade length: 16 cm
This set is ideal for sharpening kitchen and outdoor knives, based on a standard sharpening process with a 1000/6000 combined waterstone. Includes the KME base, which allows one-handed working. With the stone thickness compensator, you can easily even out abrasives with different thicknesses, so that the same grinding angle can be kept throughout the sharpening process. The included Sinensis camellia oil protects newly sharpened carbon steel blades against rust. It is also food-safe, so you can also use it for kitchen knives.

    Scope of delivery

    • Accessory base (No. 720431)
    • Diamond sharpening stone, Grit 140 (No. 720436) / 300 (No. 720437) / 600 (No. 720438) / 1500 (No. 720439)
    • Diamond lapping film Set 9 Micron (No. 720446) and 3 micron (No. 720444)
    • Stone thickness compensator (No. 720433)
    • Sinensis camellia oil (No. 705280)
    • Cleaning cloth
    • Robust carrying case
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    DICTUM is dedicated to creating products which have a long service life and are free from substances that are harmful to the environment or health.

    For more than 170 years, our corporate philosophy has embodied:

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