Magna-Tec Delta-S Sharpening System

The Delta-S sharpening guide from Magna-Tec combines the proven and traditional principle of...
The Delta-S sharpening guide from Magna-Tec combines the proven and traditional principle of sharpening by hand with the advantageous precision of a machine. It is possible to achieve impressive results that are not possible with a conventional knife sharpening device or sharpening by hand after only a short training period. The Delta-S stands out due to its high operating comfort, unique standard of quality and maximum sharpening results.
  • Scaled tool stopper makes it possible to reproduce and document sharpening results
  • Ball screw drive for fast, smooth and precise sharpening angle adjustment; stepless adjustment via an electronic protractor; possible cutting angles of 9-35°
  • No right-handed/left-handed restrictions thanks to the magnetic and partially magnetic blade securing mechanism
  • Magnetic system to change the sharpening stones quickly
  • Positionable feet and solid weight of 3 kg make it very stable and resistant to slipping on all flat surfaces
  • Dampened depth stop brakes the grinding arm gently, preventing risk of injury and damage to the knives
  • Maximum blade length: 32 cm
  • Metal design milled from a single piece of material
  • All individual pieces can be replaced

    Scope of delivery

    • Inclinometer with digital display
    • Four different blade rest modules
    • Sharpening stones, one of each grit 220 (No. 708564) / 400 (No. 708565) / 1000 (No. 708566) / 2000 (No. 708567) / 3000 (No. 708568) / 5000 (No. 708569) / 10 000 (No. 708570)
    • Strops, chromium oxide (No. 708584) / zirconium oxide (No. 708585) / untreated (No. 708586)
    • Polishing pastes made of chromium oxide (No. 708582) / zirconium oxide (No. 708583)
    • Adjustment and verification set
    • Sharpening stone trueing set
    • Cleaning set
    • Robust carrying case
    • DVD with German video guide
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    Article no. 708560
    Brand Magna-Tec
    Ready to ship today, delivery time 2-3 workdays within Germany
    €1,999.00 per piece(s)

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    Magna-Tec Delta-S Sharpening System
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    Replacement parts

    Magna-Tec Delta-S Replacement Stone, Grit 220

    Original Naniwa Specialty Stone, fits Magna-Tec Delta-S sharpening system (No. 708560 ). 125 mm x 22 mm x 10 mm.

    Magna-Tec Delta-S Diamond Stone, Grit 60

    High-quality diamond sharpening stone, fits Magna-Tec Delta-S sharpening system (No. 708560 ). The diamond coating is for ceramic knives and rough removal of material. Dimensions: 125 x 22 mm.

    Magna-Tec Delta-S Strop, Untreated

    Strop made of genuine leather for polishing knife blades. Suitable for the Magna-Tec Delta-S sharpening system (No. 708560 ). Dimensions: 125 x 22 mm.