Ladies’ Blouse, Linen

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Article No. 819284
Brand Sonstige
This linen ladies’ blouse has exactly the same characteristics as a classic men's shirt, such as...
This linen ladies’ blouse has exactly the same characteristics as a classic men's shirt, such as a cutaway collar with stay pockets and hand-sewn shirt gussets at the side seams. Visibly the same, the difference lies in the clearly feminine fit as it is slightly shaped at the waist on the sides and back. The collar and the cuffs are pleasantly soft with a loose cotton insert. Sleeves inset in the round provide maximum freedom of movement, similar to that of a jacket. Italian linen is characterised by the natural liveliness of the slightly irregular yarns. They lend it the fine and somewhat rustic texture typical of linen. The fine seam pattern perfectly matches the closely placed mother-of-pearl buttons.
The quality of a blouse is no coincidence; it starts with the selection of the best raw material fibres - in this case, flax from northern France and Belgium's coastal regions. Linen and cotton fabrics from the Albini weaving mill in Bergamo are top-quality products that have been created through many stages of intensive optimisation over five generations. Even before weaving, many work steps such as the selection of the best fibres, and the dyeing and spinning of the yarns are carried out in-house in order to keep control over the complete production process. The results are not only impressive, they are also very durable and are comfortable to wear.
    Further details on the manufacturer

    The company Edelle, Blusen by Edward Copper in Reutlingen (Germany) specialises in the careful processing of first-class shirts and blouses made from fabrics from European weaving mills.

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    • Size 40
    • Colour white
    • Material 100 % Linen, buttons: Mother-of-Pearl
    • Product Care Washable at 40 degrees, not suitable for the tumble dryer, easy to iron. Iron inside-out in order to avoid shiny spots.
    • Category Women